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Desktop Applications

Companies are often too busy carrying out the numerous day to day tasks to stop to take an overview on which of these daily processes could be automated or streamlined.

There are many savings to be made with the correct software solutions in place:
  • Save money
  • Increased productivity
  • Free key staff members to concentrate on more important tasks
  • Data validation. Apply rules to ensure your data does not become corrupt
  • Data extraction. Extract the data and manipulate it in anyway required
  • Management Overview. Gain full reporting on your key processes
  • and much, much more...

How does it work?

When working with clients we would look to follow our desktop applications development process:

  • Consultation
    Throughout in depth conversations and site visits we will look to gain an understand of your business, the challenges it faces and areas requiring some focus. We will be asking you lots of questions to ensure that we have understood correctly in order to offer you the very best bespoke software solution.
  • Plan
    Following the consultation stage our team of business strategists and system developers will draft an in depth plan on how they see the current systems being improved and highlight the potential benefits any changes would bring to your business.
  • System Creation
    Once the plan has been approved our software developers will start work creating a demo version of the system using demo data. Regular feedback would be given providing information on how the system is progressing and any ideas for any potential improvements to the original specification.
  • System Testing
    Throughout the build process each section of the system is put through a rigorous testing procedure. This process ensures optimal performance, secure processing, that best practices have been adhered to and to structure the code in a way which can accommodate future system requirements.
  • Demo / Client Testing
    Upon completion of the work a member of the team will provide a demonstration of the newly created system covering all aspects and functionality. We would then recommend at this stage that a member / members of your team test the demo system thoroughly and provide any feedback on required changes.
  • Completion
    Once any amendments have been made and you are happy with the system the project will be marked as complete. At this stage we can also offer additional services including staff system training and existing data cleansing.

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss your own particular requirements regarding desktop applications please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01363 898497, email us at or alternatively you can use our Enquiry Form.

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